How we work

Guide services for tourist agencies

Mainly sightseeing excursions are conceived to support and enrich the  visiting agrievents all around the Benelux area during their free time.  

Nevertheless,  for our partners, tourist agencies and tour operators in particular we offer common services of tourist guided tours within this area . If you decide to cooperate with us,  you can choose to offer your clients some of the attractions  from the list where we are able provide sightseeing tours (excursions).

Special offers:

Some touristic destinations, (out of Benelux area) are placed on the list of potential interesting points for you (please see the pictures below). Our experience and good knowledge of these checked tourist attractions stimulate us to exted our offer.   

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If you are for interested in some in any of our agrievents for the current year , we will be pleased to provide additional information together with the terms of conditions of our services.

General and special terms and conditions of our services relating to the agrievents can be read or downloaded here .

We would also welcome any ideas or suggestions that you may have, so, please do not hesitate to let us know. Assuring you of our best attentions and highest level of organisation.



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Supporting and promoting alternative farming systems and food technologies

Let us to be your “extended hand”. 

Relying upon yearly experience in agriculture technologies, a knowledge in many East European and Russian languages, together with specifics by following actual trends we can mediate  between you and yourselves and potential partners, thus promoting, presenting your activities and realizing your products or technologies  on East European and Russian speaking  markets.

By the same principle, only the opposite direction interested parties from East Europe could find their interest presenting them self in West European area.
Your interests and fields of your activities are specific and distinctive. Different problems requires different approaches on their solution . Let’s we start to discuss about them and try to find suitable opportunities.


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