‘The Venice of Western Europe’ which is distinguished by its originality, geographical location and historical content.  Not every city in the world can boast such charisma and diverse way of life as Amsterdam with Medieval architecture, Arts, prostitution, light drugs, channel cruises, diamonds, not forgetting partying on the water, Ajax… a unique composition of sin and beauty chained together in inseparable harmony are found here.


Channel drive

What is the first thing you think about when you hear the word – Amsterdam? Somewhere you wouldn’t wish to be without? The best way to go deeper into the soul of this amazing place is by discovering the importance of the channels allowing you to admire the glorious buildings from all ages in history, visiting the many attractions on the bank. 

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Red Light District

Besides the channels and coffee shops the most popular point of interest (particularly for the male population) and a symbol of Amsterdam, is the RLD. Introducing a walking tour which provides information about its history, organization and structure, together with interesting highlights. A lively atmosphere 24 hours a day, being in an area formed around the oldest church (Oudekerek) in Amsterdam, mother schools in the neighborhood and boutiques supplying expensive clothing brands. 

amsterdam-2011  redlight_district_of_brussels_and_amsterdam_8


Boasting a collection of more than a million artistic/historical works from the middle of the 13th until the beginning of the 20th century, mainly focused on the masterpieces of painters from the  ”Dutch Golden age” (1600 – 1690 A.D.), namely,  Rembrandt van Rijn ( “Night watch”), Johannes Vermeer (“The Milkmaid”), Frans Hals (“The Jolly Drinker”) and many others.

There is also a permanent exhibition of East Asian culture, porcelain and textiles, silver tableware and colonial furniture.

In 2013 the museum welcomed more than 2.2 million visitors.

The_Nightwatch_by_Rembrandt   640px-Johannes_Vermeer_-_Het_melkmeisje_-_Google_Art_Project  640px-Frans_Hals_056  frans-hals-jolly-drinker-painting

Van Gogh Museum

Besides the National Museum (Rijksmuseum) is the Van Gogh Museum – one of the most visited museums ever in Netherlands. Housing the biggest collection of one of the most famous and controversial world painters of the 19th century, it opens its doors to more than 1.5 million visitors annually. 

download  Van_Gogh_self_portrait_as_an_artist  Van_Gogh_Vase_with_Fifteen_Sunflowers_Amsterdam

Heineken experience

Attention, please  – only for 18+ persons!  A fantastic and unforgettable experience detailing the story of traditional Heineken beer, the background of its making, and the history of its development through the last 150 years. In a friendly atmosphere “spiced” by a fun program, with plenty of entertainment, all about the most famous Dutch beer. 

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Scheepvaatmuseum (Maritime museum)

One of the most important monuments dedicated to Dutch Maritime history. Vivid descriptions relating to Dutch colonial history housed in a building dating back to the 17th century. More than 300,000 showpieces such as flags, weapons, maritime maps, Officers & sailors’ weapons, uniforms, together with model ships can be seen.  An actual-size replica of the VOC (Fareast Indian Company) ship from 18th century is moored outside.

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8 Windmils Tour

One windmill – one story. 8 windmills dating from the 17th and 18th century placed in broader surroundings. These peculiar agro-technical inventions have a multiple-purpose existence. Visiting these important symbols of Amsterdam will provide educational knowledge of windmills through the centuries and perhaps, better suited to the more adventurist character (being a bike-tour) and those with good physical fitness.

de-otter   de bloem   de1200roe   De Rieker Molen   De_gooyer_


Beside this we can offer you many other Amsterdam’s attractions to visit , such as Anne Frank Huis, Westerkerk, Diamant museum, Basiliek van de Heilige Nicholaas. If you are for interested in some of this places more information about conditions in order organizing visiting to this places you can find in the section ” About us/How we work “.