Sightseeing excursions

 Agriagora organizes and executes sightseeing excursions to the most popular tourist attractions in the Benelux area such as Amsterdam, Ghent, Bruges, Luxemburg or depending on your wishes anywhere else within the area. We can  organize the entire trip by our self  supporting and enriching the  visiting agrievents  or work in cooperation with you to satisfy you and your client’s wishes in discovering new and interesting places.

Dutch windmill and tulips The Netherlands

 Not just tulips, windmills, drugs, wooden shoes, cheese, canals and the same sex  marrages – The  Netherlands  is much  more.Plenty  of  historical and artistic heritage,  dilligence,  frugality,inventiviness,  multicultural  and  race mutual tolerancy place  this  monarchy  and  the most  populated European state,  quite often in an avangarde  position permanently aiming to walk “ one step  beyond” the  current  time.



images (4)Belgium 

 Just a little bit Dutch, a little bit French even German, but again originaly and  specifically – Belgian. Kingdom  of chocolate (“Pralines“), traditional “Belgian waffles”  and delicious beer. The place of origin of unique  draft    horses and with a rich  historical and  artistic background but at the same time the centre of modern  European  democracy  and unity.



 luxembourg 3Luxembourg

 Luxembourg (town), “Gibraltar of the North” –  dating from 10th century is a typical  European town. One of the three capital cities  of EU, with  rich history and architecture of the middle-ages like from tales. An green oasis of peace and serenity , but also  a splendid places for fun and entertainment  with always friendly smiling people willing to help you.