City of lights – Illuminated  old town during the summer nights wrapped in specific smell of plenty of channels crossing the city beside cannalside architecture. Very offend and unduly overshadowed by  its smaller superb neighbor Bruges place with traditional huge carnival  and worldwide famous university. Walk through historical centrum means not only meeting with architectural miracles and cultural legacy but also Belgian lifestyle. 


Korenlei and Graslei

Different architecture styles within centuries presented on at the two of oldest streets in Genth at the opposites  sides  of river Leie . Unique edifices in Romanesque, Flemish Renaissance, Brabant Gothic and  Baroque styles even  dating back to from 11 centuries, initially intended for cereals warehouses. Most of them, today restored in restaurants and living places.

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House of the Grain Weighers(Korenmetershuis) , 1435 yr. House of the Masons, 1527 yr. images - Copy Korenstapelhuis of 'de Spijker', 13e 76ce720fe98ac56641671c7a88cea6f1

Cathedral of St. Bavon

Superb cathedral showing transition between Romanesque and Gothic architecture styles. Decorated, among the others by masterpieces of Rubens and Frans Pourbus and the most world-famous in painting world stolen art-work ever – “Altar of Ghent” (1425-32).Tower top  gives the best view of the city’s  panorama.

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Jan_van_Eyck_-_The_Ghent_Altarpiece_-_Singing_Angels_(detail)_-_WGA07642  751px-Gand,_san_bavone,_int.,_polittico_dell'agnello_mistico_02 st bavo cathedral 2 ST bavo Cathedral st bavo 3


Gravensteen (Castle of the Counts)

Castle of Flemish Counts on the river Lieve from 12 century  still remains like one of the most preserved remains of medieval art fortification in Western Europe. Once used like cotton mill. The interior now sports the odd suit of armor, a guillotine and a few torture devices. Perfectly hand-held 45-minute movie guide, which sets a somewhat tongue-in-cheek will getting you closer the pursuit of prestige and reign in power of rich rulers of Flanders.

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7997080133_71bfa461fd  Gravensteen  1 Gravensteen 3 Gravensteen 4  


Belfry and Cloth Hall

Belfrey , the 91 meters high tower , one of the most popular panorama points of town, symbol of city’s independence dating from within 14th century. Decorated with “Mammelokker” details – regarding the legend of Cimon starved of death but survived fed daily by breast milk of his own daughter.

 Belfry’s gothic and a little bit younger (15th c.) faithful companion Cloth Hall  once upon a time serving like meeting place of the wool and cloth traders  together with him figurate like central  points of cities events and manifestations through the centuries. Also used like town prison today this place is renewed in to one o the most popular cafe-restaurant popular with tourists.

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B&CH 6  B & CH  B&CH 3 B&CH 4 B&CH 7


This are just some of our tips and recommendations . Many other interesting places such as Sint-Niklaaskerk, Ruins of Sint-Baafsabdij, Museum of Fine Arts, promenade through Hoogpoort  or even visit some of the  Flanders festivals are also in disposition. Depending on your interest, guide tours could be organized aiming to satisfy your curiosity.

st bavo catherdr  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA sint baafbijd 2  Museum of fine arts (Hieronymus_Bosch_055 )