Den Haag

Den Haag

An area of great political importance, being the seat of government in the Netherlands, but also known as “The Royal City by the Sea” with many members of the Dutch Royal family residing in the area. A collision of ancient and modern architecture, rich business centers, fun entertainment attractions, and the longest sandy beach of West Europe, not forgetting “the redlight shops of instant love…” 


The Netherlands in miniature. A unique attraction with scale models of major landmarks around Holland highlighting all the qualities of Dutch culture, architecture and art.

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Museum de Gevangenpoort (The Prison Gate Museum)

This former prison provided temporary residence for many famous personalities of social/political backgrounds in The Netherlands between XV and XIX century.  A tour of the jail will, like a scary horror movie, leave you chilled, turning back time to “The Dark Middle Ages ’’ and presenting you with stories of  methods, devices and facilities for torture. It highlights the inequality that existed between rich and poor prisoners.

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 Zeekantje (Scheveningen)

A favorite seaside resort of Dutchmen. A long sandy beach with beach sport activities such as surf-boarding, beach-parties, and with plenty of cafe bars and restaurants.

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Queense Palace and Het Binnenhof

Noordeinde Hof (ex Oude Hof) is one of three official palace residences of the Dutch Royal Family and the working palace of Willem Alexander King of The Netherlands. Origninally a farmhouse it has been altered over the years to provide a grand residence where many significant personalities/aristocracy have resided over the years.

Het Binnenhof is a complex of buildings and is the headquarters of the Dutch Senate (De eerst Kammer) and the parliament (De Tweeide kammer). Riddezaal is the central gothic building in this complex and this is where the traditional annual addressing of the Dutch monarch to parliament takes place.

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