Brussels, Antwerp


The most popular attraction of capital of Europe and unique symbol of history of modern architecture. More than 100 m colossal graceful structure by its graciousness evokes  awe and admiration at the same time . Elevation tour through the inner of iron crystal atomic structure (enlarged even 165 000 000 000 times !) supported by video presentation about  building constructing brings you on the top of endless  panoramic view  of Brussels and surroundings.

100_1914 100_1915 atomium 2 atomium 1


Peeing Little Boy Statue (Manneken Pis)

Do not expect large one  and do not be surprised by small one size of this unusual image of Brussels folklore. Only 61 cm statue representing peeing boy dating back  from begin of 15th century and one of the most dressed costumes figure ( more than 800 inter alia as Elvis Presley, Count Dracula, Saint –Nicholas, Mickey Mouse…) and represent one of the most stolen artifact in cities history…but always found way home.

pee man 1 Mannekin Pis pee man 3 pee man 4



Antwerp Central Station (Antwerpen centraal)

So called “The Station Cathedral” with its neo-gothic facade one of the world’s most famous railway stations  built between 1895 and 1905 year. Impressive by not only architecture style – historical treasures and modern elements,  but also with its practical aspects reminds more on some cathedral with unique “peacock interior” woven of iron and glass . Three level platform building gives you an almost religious feeling that life is a journey and that you’d better not miss your train…

-Antwerpen  CS 4 -Anwerpen CS 3 Antwerpen CS 9 -Anwerpen CS 5



Rubens House (Rubenshuis)

Residency and art studio of great Flemish painter and diplomat. Pavilion designed by himself and build in Italian renaissance architecture style is restored, furnished and layout with original artifacts dating from Rubens ages and some artist’s masterpieces (e.g paintings  including  Adam and Eve).Baroque garden with portico still remaining features left from Rubens original palace.   

-Rubens 7 -Rubens 1 -Rubens 6  -Rubens 9 -Rubens 8



Diamond District

On the well protected neighbor of Antwerp’s Central Station is placed one of the world’s richest street. Since almost 80 % of  the world’s uncut diamonds are traded in Antwerp, it is  unique place to meet still persisting Orthodox Jewish traders with distinctive sight  dressed in traditional black suites . Diamond lovers can certainly not miss a visit to the Diamond museum  also but also art, jewelry and its evolution process.





This are just some of our tips and recommendations . Many other interesting places such as Grand Place and Hotel de Ville,  Natural Science Museum in Brussels …… 

grand plasce brussels 1 hotel de ville brussel 2 grand place brussels 3

 ….. or Cathedral of Our Lady ,  Stone (Het Steen) castle, Plantin Moretus Museum in Antwerpen or even amazing Antwerp’s Zoo  …

Het Steen A_Gutenberg_Bible_Antwerp museum_plantin-moretus carthedral of our lady antwerp 2 cathedral of our lady antwerp nypos anwerp zoo 2 pinguines antwerp zoo

…are also in disposition. Depending on your interest, guide tours could be organized aiming to satisfy your curiosity.