Alternative farming systems and technologies

Agriagora would like to place it’s presentation to establishments with systems of sustainability. This includes energy systems as both farming and living require power.We would also like to showcase modern technologies in organic food production such as aquaponics (integrated aquaculture and hydronic systems) which give good alternative opportunities especially in areas with deficits of space, usable soil or even water.

The systems using solar or wind energy in small and mid-sized plant facilities can offer easy food production in urban circumstances, new working places for many local inhabitants and contribute to a healthy regional sustainable environment.Together with our partners that have technical solutions we propagate and refer to these solutions giving you plenty of opportunity  to  succesfully invest your financial means. 

A non minor, important field of our activities the promotion of producing and distribution organic , or as mentioned in introducing text (In a few words …) more “nature friendly products”. 

More concrete information relating to our services related and it’s purpose can be found here .

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