About us

Who we are ?

Agriagora'sAgriagora is young and with this vibrant perspective enterprise specializing  in the presentation and popularization of agro-   tourism   and  agro-centric events all around Europe.

Name AGRIAGORA is cumulated word from two words:

Agri (agro) – referring main field of our activities , agriculture sector 

Agora – Ancient Greek word  for place of public citizen’s life. Also referred market , place where people were collecting publicly discusing and presenting their political ideas and opinions, cultural manifestations , and trade and exchanging their goods.

 Even that our activities and working system refer about us like touristic organization or agency, we do not consider about us on that way. We are service entity in your hands able to , in accordance with you, organize and promote event under the certain condition, always different because your interests and wishes are distinctive. At short, we offer you what we can do for you, but about scope and details of our offer you decide by yourself. We search the best suitable option with regards on meeting of minimum of marketing standards .

 Our mission

Our main mission, to enhance the exchange of information allowing new technologies to be created and utilized in the field of  food  production.
We believe that for you, our clients, this is a great way to follow actual flows in the market, popular trends in agribusiness; and to  show  yourself, and possibly your ideas, to like minded parties. It can help in building a net of new business partners, allowing you  to  exchange information with them and enrich your practical experiences– while leaving it to us to take care of it for you.